• 17 Apr. 2018

    The planned, five new small forest resorts in Kálócfa, Bödeháza, Újudvar, Kistolmács and in Zsigárd, and the two new small areas for taking a rest in the forest in Obornak and in Zalalövő have already been established.

    New furniture sets, interactive desks and information boards are at the forest resorts to welcome visitors arriving in the forest; both rain shelters and fire places have been established at the most scenes as well.


    The completion of mapping, digitizing and product developing tasks of the hiking and trekking routes connecting to the seven different venues have already been started, and they will probably have been finished by the end of May.


    Booklets containing recommendations for both pedestrian and cycling tours made by Tech-in Bt. (Tech-in Limited Partnership) will show you both natural and culture historical sights which can be seen along the mapped trekking and hiking routes and they can be followed in the digital application of Cartography as well.


    By the end of spring one and two-day thematic programme packages connecting to the State Forest Railway in Csömödér will have been set out as well; the purpose of these programme packages will be to make travelling by forest railway more popular and to increase passenger traffic.