As a unique initiative in the country, Holnapocska Camp has been functioning successfully since 2009.


One-week camps are organized for children who are socially disadvantaged and children suffering from chronic illnesses or those who are healing from chronic illnesses, during the summer break, and special adventure weekends during spring and autumn in the camp in Zalaszabar.


The children's camp is in a special position as it is located in one of the most dynamically developing adventure parks of the Transdanubia, in the Zobor Adventure Park, which is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the region, 10 kilometres from Zalakaros, in the immediate vicinity of Kis-Balaton.


It is a self-sustaining organization, since it can organise free camps by utilizing a part of the profit from the daily admission tickets of the Zobor Experience Park and involving donors.


Today, the Holnapocska Camp offers camping opportunity for about 1000 children every year.


According to Holnapocska Camp, all the positive experiences, adventures, plays, smile and community experience gained in the childhood together make a great contribution to the physical, mental and spiritual development of the children and to healing in case of illness, which later gives motivation to overcome the disease, to develop self-confidence, to be further educated and to achieve professional success. We believe that we should bring smile on every child's face. :)


How can we achieve this?


With experiences, adventures, and the power of the community. We believe that cheerfulness, laughter, nature, human relationships and acquired positive experiences can heal. They heal the body and soul.


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