The implementation period of the „GO IN NATURE” project as the part of the Interreg V-A Slovenia–Hungary Cooperation Programme takes place from 1st March 2017 to 29th February 2020. The leading partner of the project is the Municipality Government of the town of Muraszombat, project partner from Slovenia is the Pomurje Scout Association, from Hungary they are the Municipality Government of the village of Csesztreg, the Holnapocska Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. (Holnapocska Non-profit LLC) and the Zalaerdő PLtd. The project elements of „GO IN NATURE” will contribute to strengthening cross-border cooperation, to the eco-touristic development of the region and to approach- affection as well.


Regarding the Holnapocska Public Benefit Non-profit Kft., within the “GO IN NATURE” program Developments are realised on several platforms, and these developments will help to improve the quality of the already existing free camps. The equipment purchases carried out during the project enable the playful learning during the experience therapy camps with the establishment of an interactive learning environment. For educational excursions, there are a set of program packages and worksheets extending the knowledge of children, with the help of which children can get familiarized with the natural environment surrounding the camp, with the flora, fauna and the treasures of the Kis-Balaton, and guides them to the scene of the Hungarian youth novel, whose title is 'Tüskevár'.


The Holnapocska Public Benefit Non-profit Kft. promotes the developments, being realised within the 'GO IN NATURE' program, on online surfaces: on its own available websites, social media sites owned with project partners, in regional and national newspapers, tourism portals, radio shows, and exhibitions, domestic and Slovenian exhibitions. They hold a free presentation within the framework of a public day called "Mosolykert" in the campsite three times. Within the framework of the program, there will be four 6-day unpaid children's camps with the participation of 50 Slovenian and Hungarian children per camp, with full board and programs.


The activities which are supported by the program, in a nutshell:

  • In June 2017, we held a two-day workshop which included exploration of the attractions and program opportunities related to water, involving Hungarian and Slovenian project partners, with 5-5 participants.
  • In May 2017, a presentation event was held in the topic of Zala, Kis-Balaton and the wetlands.
  • We are planning to develop a multi-day program related to Kis-Balaton and the surrounding hills.
  • We got a Mynas bird observation, where the animals, living in the area, can be observed without disturbing them.
  • We've acquired a tutorial box which provides interactive gaming opportunities for establishing camps, in connection with various water-related content
  • Acquiring 30 pieces of Ipad Mini for interactive exhibitions
  • Developing social media surfaces of 'Go in Nature Zala'
  • Collective representation at tourism fairs, with concentrating on target group on the Hungarian and Slovenian side (participation in 1 Hungarian and 1 Slovenian exhibition)
  • Promotion for introducing a product package on the Slovenian and Hungarian sites
  • Organizing presentations in Hévíz and Zalaegerszeg. The project partners will introduce themselves both from the Hungarian and the Slovenian side, presenting the project and the program opportunities. We expect 50 registered participants per event.
  • Environmentally conscious camps, excursions: 3 times we organise professional conferences in the spring of 2017-2019, where interested teachers and experts of tourism can visit the campsite and the touristic offer from the Hungarian and Slovenian sides.
  • "Water" worksheets in Hungarian and Slovenian in 500-500 copies
  • In the footsteps of Matula: Kis-Balaton camp guide programs, edition of 2 languages, issued in 500-500 copies.