The implementation period of the „GO IN NATURE” project as the part of the Interreg V-A Slovenia–Hungary Cooperation Programme takes place from 1st March 2017 to 29th February 2020. The leading partner of the project is the Municipality Government of the town of Muraszombat, project partner from Slovenia is the Pomurje Scout Association, from Hungary they are the Municipality Government of the village of Csesztreg, the Holnapocska Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. (Holnapocska Non-profit LLC) and the Zalaerdő PLtd. The project elements of „GO IN NATURE” will contribute to strengthening cross-border cooperation, to the eco-touristic development of the region and to approach- affection as well.


The „GO IN NATURE” programme will provide us a perfect opportunity to build relationships, to make our attractions and programmes popular and we can also be the member of a cross-border nature-touristic network at the same time.


The activities in brief that are going to be implemented with the support of the programme:

  • We organised a study tour for 40 participants (20 persons from Hungary and 20 persons from Slovenia) in May 2017. The departure place was the Hetési Barátság Park (Hetési Friendship Park) in Bödeháza which was built in the former borderland area commemorates old friendships and symbolises togetherness. We visited the Arboretum in Budafa and the Ancient Beech-woods in Vétyem during the day.
  • We purchased “my nest” bird observing and teaching kits which will contribute to the success of camps in open-air schools in the forest and of shorter programmes as well.
  • We organised two international camps in the “Nyitnikék” Open-air School in the Forest in the summer of 2017 and we are organising one during the year of 2018. Furthermore, we are going to purchase a book on Forest-pedagogy and a booklet for learning.
  • The project will focus on promotion besides making leaflets, organising events and making a mutual website; it contains two conferences on open-air school in the forest and two events for introduction.
  • The professional cooperation will be strengthened both with workshops and with the mutual tour-guide-training.
  • Within the framework of the project five small resorts (in Kálócfa, in Bödeháza, in Újudvar, in Kistolmács and in Zsigárd) and two small areas for taking a rest in the forest are going to be built (in Obornak and in Zalalövő). Content development belongs to the infrastructural development as well; we are going to make different trekking and hiking programmes at the given places.
  • We would like to make the Small Forest Railway Day even more international from the year of 2017 using the sources planned in the programme.
  • After developing the content of our exhibition “Treasures of Göcsej, the forest and tree” in Lenti audio guide equipment and audio material in three languages are going to guide the guests there in the future.