ZALAERDŐ Ltd manages 56 hectares of state-owned forests in the south-western part of Hungary. The main duty of our company is to preserve the excellent quality forests in proportion of their values, to enlarge them, to manage them in a professional way and to accomplish tasks of logging and afforestation in accordance with the relating operative laws. Our main scopes of activities are seed- and sapling production, floriculture, Christmas tree production, afforestation, logging and wood processing, game farming and railway operation. Besides all that, our purpose is that tourists and visitors arriving in our forests must have a good time and they must be satisfied with our public welfare services as well.


We can proudly say that more and more visitors will attend our public welfare establishments, our arboretums, our training paths and our fishing lakes; moreover, the number of passengers travelling by the State Forest Railway in Csömödér.


Families, kindergarten and school groups visiting our establishments will have the opportunity take a rest in the fresh air, they can hike and trek in a pleasant environment and they can take part in trips and tours organised as required, furthermore, they can get a lot of information in workshops organised by the open-air school in the forest as well. Our forest accommodation facilities will give our guests the possibility to have a rest in a silent and calm environment if they would like to spend more days in the surroundings.


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