The implementation period of the „GO IN NATURE” project as the part of the Interreg V-A Slovenia–Hungary Cooperation Programme takes place from 1st March 2017 to 29th February 2020. The leading partner of the project is the Municipality Government of the town of Muraszombat, project partner from Slovenia is the Pomurje Scout Association, from Hungary they are the Municipality Government of the village of Csesztreg, the Holnapocska Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. (Holnapocska Non-profit LLC) and the Zalaerdő PLtd. The project elements of „GO IN NATURE” will contribute to strengthening cross-border cooperation, to the eco-touristic development of the region and to approach- affection as well.



In addition to the management of local public affairs and tasks, the Local Government of the Municipality of Csesztreg as the governing body of the settlement, places great emphasis on the development of local environment and the protection of nature, to the creation of recreational opportunities, to the realization of community activities and to the expansion of tourism.


The main goal of Csesztreg is to further develop its potential in tourism, to preserve and map the sights, natural values ​​and constructed heritage of the region, and to strengthen tourism in the border region. The elaborated "product" routes, the education of the trainers contribute to the participants in the region to know the region with the natural, social, economic and cultural values ​​of the region.


The infrastructural development of the Active Park CsesztRegélő which was finished in 2001, the nature trails, the development of leisure park facilities and the purchase of related equipment make possible to organize thematic children’s campings. Due to such developments, the touristic offer of the settlement is in great expansion, visitors can explore and understand the environment in cultural and interactive way.


The municipality established a close relationship with its partners in cross-border region in order to improve and to continue to increase touristic attractions of the rural area.


Activities supported by the program:

- In 2017 we renewed the István and Gizella Tower in the Active Park CsesztRegélő, which is open for the audience.
- In 2017 we created the interactive map of Kakukkvirág in the Active Park CsesztRegélő .
- In 2017, we set up a Mynest bird watcher, which functions as an outdoor playground, and visitors can watch animals from the birdwatcher without disturbance.
- In 2018 we organize a professional study tour to get acquainted with natural values.

In 2018. thematic camps (nature divers, angler) development of ecological contents, development of routes, training for program experts.
- In 2018 and 2019 we will organize 3 times a five-days long thematic camp with full accomodation and meals, professional programs.
- the Őrség-Hetés presentation brochure will be available in 2 languages, with playable tasks, with a common map promoting the project.
- we develop GO IN NATURE Zala mobile application in 3 languages, including hiking trails, which includes the Mura region, Zala county's green tourism offers.
- finalizing the project we will organize a conference about green roads and routes along villages.