• 12 Mar. 2018

    The Forestry Open-air Schools in the forest of the south-Transdanubien region organised an open day for pedagogues in Obornak on 7th April 2017, for the tenth time. The meeting that is considered to be traditional and where nine different open-air schools in the forest introduced themselves altogether was organised by Zalaerdő PLtd this year.


    Primarily, representatives, teachers and pedagogues of such institutions were invited to this event in whose pedagogic programme nature- and environment-education and a programme of open-air schools in the forest will get an important role. Besides all that each visitor interested in the project who wanted to find the right venue and right programmes for class trips or camps with a lot of fun was welcomed. The purpose of the open day was to get to know the various forest-pedagogic and leisure-time programme offers of the forestry open-air schools in the forest; furthermore, to provide the opportunity to the participants to meet pedagogues in person, to take part in professional workshops and in trainings in connection with school lessons and with nature-education outside the classroom as well.


    The meeting was organised as the part of the „GO IN NATURE” project, within the framework of the Cooperation Programme between Slovenia and Hungary; it could give the possibility to us both to improve our business contacts with the partners of the project and to make our public welfare activities and programmes even more popular.


    Anita Fűrné Kinsztler

    Photo taken by: Edina Steyer



    Adventure pedagogy in the forest



    Adventure pedagogy in the forest I.