• 12 Mar. 2018

    Within the framework of the A „GO IN NATURE” project we could purchase one mYnest bird observing tower for both of our open-air schools in the forest in the June of 2017, combined with all elements (a slide with a balcony, swings, ac picnic table, magnet boards, information boards, a birds atlas and a thermometer) The mYnest is such bird observing teaching equipment which will help and support forest pedagogy work because with the help of it children will gain useful and new knowledge as great experience and adventure.


    First of all, the tower was developed for taking photos of birds and identifying them. Children can observe the birds from behind a piece of detective glass flying onto the bird feeders which have been placed in the near, and they can even identify them either with the help of the birds atlas or of the colleagues at the open-air school in the forest. The photos can be uploaded into an application where we can store them, mark them on the map, and check and evaluate all the photos and notes taken by the others as well. The program will motivate the users with the help of quiz questions to learn and play at the same time; it will give you the opportunity to collect points which can be exchanged to get a prize. Children nowadays will make themselves at home more and more in the digital world which can be used this way easily for teaching purposes.


    Teaching kits for our open-air schools in the forest were made in June as well and they were also financed from tender resources; these kits contain several interactive games. The teaching kits can be used for storing different games; however, they can be used as board games as well.


    Our guests at the camps this year were absolutely enthusiastic about the various developments and they were really glad to start using them. We hope that the new equipment and tools will contribute to the improvement of our forest pedagogic work so with their help a lot of children will get various experiences and gain some new knowledge easily.


    Anita Godinek-Tóth

    Photo taken by: Anita Fűrné Kinsztler



    Teaching equipment and tools sponsored from tender resources