• 12 Mar. 2018

    The preparations for the summer camps of the year of 2017 were already started in the Nyitnikék Forestry Open-air School in the forest in early spring as we advertised summer camp opportunities for primary school children at reduced prices financed from the tender of „GO IN NATURE” (within the framework of the Interreg V-A Slovenia–Hungary Cooperation Programme).


    Zalaerdő PLtd welcomed the children who wanted to camp in a forest environment with the financial support of the tender in two different periods; and due to the project children arrived from Slovenia as well. 25-25 children were given the possibility to take part in both adventure camps; in the first camp period we could welcome seven Slovenian pupils from the Slovenian-Hungarian Bilingual Primary School in Dobronak.


    The children could get a lot of experiences both in the camp between 3rd and 7th July and in the one between 14th and 18th August; we organised a bus trip for them to Csömödér and to Kaszó, they could travel by the small forest railway, they also had the chance to take part in a judo- and a police dog-show, in a leather work, a pottery and in a craftsmen’s workshop; they could attend a shooting- and a hunting-archery-show as well. With the guests of the July camp we visited the Míves Dairy Manufactory in Eszteregnye where they could try the manufacturing processes of cheese; we could take an insight into the life of the wild animal garden in Újudvar where the children could feed goats, horses, they could walk with an alpaca on a lead, cut corns off the cobs, try a chaff-cutter, they could ride a horse and sit in a horse-and-cart too. As the result of the tender the children could receive further surprises as well: each child was given a camp diary and a set of colour pencils, a baseball cap, and a backpack for forest trips equipped with a special canteen, binoculars, a compass and a torch.


    Anita Fűrné Kinsztler

    Photo taken by: Anita Fűrné Kinsztler


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