• 12 Mar. 2018

    We organised a ceremony similar to the open day event of the forestry open-air schools in the forest in the spring, on 13th October 2017; however, the venue was Csömödér and within the framework of the programme the forestry open-air schools in the forest of the West-Transdanubien region were given the opportunity to introduce themselves.


    The conference with the title of Adventure Pedagogy in the Forest II was organised as the part of the „GO IN NATURE” project, within the framework of the Interreg V-A Slovenia–Hungary Cooperation Programme. In the first half of the event the representatives of the open-air schools in the forest showed a short film about their forest pedagogic work, their trekking and hiking opportunities, their accommodation facilities and about their summer camps; furthermore, they made a presentation as well. After that both the representatives of the educational institutions and the invited project partners could get an insight into the work at the Zakatoló (Cluttering) Forestry Open-air School in the forest during a short trip by train and a walk in the woods with the help of the leader of the open-air school in the forest, with Anikó Molnárné Vitális.


    The pedagogues could also try some games which are really popular with the children, they could get to know the learning booklet which was written for primary school pupils and they could visit the training carriage as well. After lunch presents donated by forestry companies and class trip possibilities were raffled among the guest pedagogues.


    As each guest at the open day event had a really good time and because of the appreciative feedbacks of the participants we can hope that more and more new visitors who are interested in our even more popular open-air schools in the forest will visit us next year.


    Anita Fűrné Kinsztler

    Photo taken by: Anita Fűrné Kinsztler



    Open day of Forestry Open-air Schools in the forest in Csömödér



    Adventure pedagogy in the forest II.