• 02 Mar. 2018

    The building works of the planned five forest resorts and the two small areas for taking a rest in the forest were started within the framework of the project, in the autumn of 2017; furthermore, content development of the linking boards, mapping, digitalisation and the product development of hiking and trekking routes connecting to the different places were also begun.

    The conference with the title of Adventure Pedagogy in the Forest II was organised at the Zakatoló (Cluttering) Forestry Open-air School in the forest on 13th October 2017. We are going to organise introduction events in both Letenye and Nagykanizsa, and we are going to participate in similar programmes of our partners.


    One or two-day programme-packages are going to be made in connection with forest railway; we are going to check the different areas, to take and digitalise photos.


    During the winter period professional workshop days and tour-guiding trainings are going to be organised involving our Slovenian partners; in addition, we are going to start the website of the project. Over and above, we are planning to purchase 200 samples of forest pedagogy books and 200 samples of learning booklets, both in Hungarian and in Slovenian; hopefully they will be really useful in our summer camps next summer.


    Anita Godinek-Tóth