• 26 Nov. 2018

    Content development of the information boards connecting to the resorts and to the small areas for taking a rest in the forest has already been started, and by the end of August boards presenting hiking and cycling routes on maps were set up at six different venues.

    Recommendations for tours have been available in a digitalised version on the website of the project, with detailed route descriptions, co-ordinations, photos and as a completion with the descriptions of the different sights.

    One- and two-day thematic programme packages connecting to the forest railway have already been set out; they can be available on the website as well. The local product packages, the forest fun packages for hikers, the fun packages for cyclists, the bunker-tour and the oil-mining-tour programme packages have all in common that you can get to know the characteristics, the culture and the services of the region and at the same time you can enjoy a trip by the small forest railway. This opportunity will definitely make travelling by forest railway more popular.



    Our forest resorts have been renewed