Our forest accommodation facilities

Zalaerdő PLtd provides nine different accommodation facilities in the forest for people who would like to have a rest in the neighbouring area. Forest cottages hidden in the heart of the silent forest, tourist houses which are suitable for welcoming bigger groups of guests and hunter houses which can satisfy special requirements are available for tourists.


Our accommodation facilities:

  • Nyitnikék Forest Hostel,
  • Tourist Hostel in Csömödér,
  • Hunter House in Obornak,
  • Sohollár Hunter House,
  • Forest Cottage in Kistolmács,
  • Forest Cottage in Szaplányos,
  • Fisherman Cottage in Szentpéterfölde,
  • Forest Cottage in Zsigárd
  • Hunter Cottage in Zsigárd.



Department of Tourism and Environment Protection

Tel.: +36-93-500-214

Mobile: +36-30-474-7281

e-mail: kozjolet@zalaerdo.hu



Our forest accommodation facilities