Ancient Beech-woods in Vétyem

The wooded area in Vétyem situated at the boarders of Tormafölde, some hundred metres from the MAORT road has a special value; it is a strictly protected area nowadays. No forest farming activities have been carried out in the forest reservation for more than 40 years so everything you can see there has been formed by the nature.


The age of the tree stock exceeds 190 years; some trees draw your attention with their large sizes. The old fallen-out trees remain on the area of the woods. The ancient beech-woods have been made to achieve two really important purposes: on the one hand, the lonely forest is the venue of scientific research; on the other hand, it is an attraction that can be visited by both professionals and by the public.


After studying the measured data, you will clearly recognize how important the forest management is and how important it is to carry out loggings at the most appropriate time as enormous values could be wasted in the lonely forest.



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Ancient Beech-woods in Vétyem