Csömödér State Forest Railway

The forest railway system of Zalaerdő PLtd entangles a part of the forests in the county, in the length of 109 kilometres. Passenger trains running between Lenti and Kistolmács, in the length of 32 kilometres connects the tourist places of the region.


The forest railway runs according to timetable from May to September, however, special trains are provided at different times as required. Special trains are started in case of certain festivals such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, St Martin’s Day or St Nicholas’ Day. Timetables and programmes can be seen on our website.



Railway Company Csömödér

Adress: H-8957 Csömödér, Vasút út 2.

Tel.: +36-92-579-033

Mobile: +36-30-474-2146 vagy +36-30-474-2079

e-mail: erdeivasut@zalaerdo.hu



Csömödér State Forest Railway