Creating an Interactive Playful Educational Environment

The children in the campsite can take useful and memorable lessons through interactive teaching tools and with fun experiences. Regarding its topic, through modern, interactive and spectacular demonstration tools we represent the vital element, namely the water, its power, rotation, utilization and regulation, which determines the whole area and the environmental values of the region. Interactive games provide entertainment for all ages. The centre operates indoors, thus making it possible for the visitors to visit it all the year regardless of the weather.


"Follow the Water Cycle" Game


A spectacular plotting board with a sophisticated surface, representing watercourses, sinkholes, springs, cave systems and the sea, shows the water cycle where water is flowing continuously.


"Observe how the river develops"


The waters flowing from the mountains continually shape the relief, but not accidentally, but showing very serious correlations with water supply, bed material and slopes. We can observe these things with spectacular, vivid streams of water. Of course, we can intervene with a barrier, ford or even raising the sea level. With our own eyes we can see how the meandering creeks are created, shores and islands being destroyed or built, and finally, how they form beautiful deltas.


“What does the river mean for you?”


Natural elements and objects mean something else to everyone. Just like in the case of the owner of the hydroelectric power plant, a fisherman, an aquarist and a conservationist. Everyone wants to see our rivers to be something else. With this game you can test yourself to see if they can reach an agreement. Or the stronger should win?!


"Let's see what you can do!"


Today, we rarely rely on our own strength if we need energy, we rather take our machines and plug them into the plug and they will function. But what if doesn't work? Well, then we must generate electricity by functioning a generator and it may be exhausting if we want to operate a blender or a hairdryer. Its purpose is to generate power manually to function different devices they choose, such as bulb, radio, hair dryer, beater, fan.


"Discover the power of water!"


This is the most complex part of the exhibition where water is constantly flowing. Something is always happening here: the swirl absorbs the ball thrown into, the fountain either lifts the table tennis ball or drops it, the streams of water push the balls higher and higher then they roll. In small houses, water can be delivered to the water pipes assembled by the participants, while the ships are travelling up and down, you have to travel with breaking through the sea waves! You can try overshot wheels, underwater and turbine water wheels, raise water with the oldest structures up to 1 meter high.


“Magic planet - turbulent globe”


Do this way! Use the turn-table to first make the globe slowly and steadily move at a constant speed. Then rotate the globe faster and compare the effects. What do you notice?

What you can see: In case you slightly rotate it, you can observe parallel, that is, laminar currents. As it spins faster, there is a multitude of frantic, chaotic, so-called turbulent currents.

Why is this happening? The turbulences which arise in the liquid on the globe illustrate how the currents are established in our atmosphere. What goes on for seconds in our case, in the atmosphere of Earth (and in other planets with an atmosphere), takes place in hours and days.



Creating an Interactive Playful Educational Environment