House of Traditions

The Municipality of Csesztreg renewed a beautiful 120-year-old farmhouse, which was the home of the once well-known Zsupán family. Although the architectural styles and ornamental elements which were typical for this area were still visible, they did not save the house from the full destruction.
Thank to the investment one part of the building was rebuilt to the museum presenting the peasant lifestyle of the first part of the 20th century equipped with original furniture and elements. We've created a permanent exhibition of old photos.  In the back of the house, there is a kitchen with a built-in stove and the community space created from the old stable, where presentations of traditional rural lifestyles, in form of "living museum" can be held.

Address: H-8973 Csesztreg, Kossuth street 4.

For keys, please, contact:
Zsuzsanna Óbíróné Balás
Address: H-8973 Csesztreg, Kossuth street 2.
Mobile: + 36-30-946-4679