Our training paths

Everyone will need an hour to relax, a calm walk or even a family trip in our rushing world. A nicely built and traced training path through the woods and forest can be a perfect place for these activities. While we do some physical exercises in the fresh air we can observe how seasons will change and reading interactive boards we can gain a lot of useful information.


Training paths of Zalaerdő PLtd are Snail-tour training path (Zalakaros), Körtvélyesi training path (Zalacsány), Madárerdő (Bird-forest) training path (Zalaegerszeg), Madárerdő (Bird-forest) training path (Nagykanizsa), Öregbükkös (Old beech-woods) training path (Zalaegerszeg) and Vadvirág (Wildflower) training path (Lenti).



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Our training paths